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How Can I Prevent Dementia?

How to prevent senility and boost memory along the way

How can I prevent dementia with a BreathNow app

Let's talk about dementia. I know, I know - it's not the most exciting topic, but stick with me! With some simple changes and a dash of humor, we can tackle this together.

Is dementia becoming more widely spread?

Unfortunately, yes. Dementia is on the rise, and it's not just because we're all getting older (although that's part of it!). The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that the number of people living with dementia will triple by 2050 (152 million) [1]. But here's the good news: we can do something about it!

What are the main risk factors for dementia?

The usual suspects include:

  • Age (sorry, folks, it's a risk factor!)

  • Family history

  • Genetics (some of us are more prone to it)

  • Lifestyle choices (we'll get to those in a minute)

What is the impact of anxiety on dementia?

Anxiety can increase the risk of dementia, and it's not hard to see why. Chronic stress and anxiety can lead to inflammation in the brain, which is like a big ol' warning sign for dementia. However we can manage anxiety with some simple techniques like meditation, slow breathing, and exercise (more on that later!)

What is the impact of high blood pressure on dementia?

High blood pressure is like a silent assassin - it can cause damage to your brain without you even realizing it! It's a major risk factor for dementia, so keeping your blood pressure under control is crucial. How to avoid dementia? How to lower blood pressure naturally?  The main tools are similar to those which help to lower anxiety: exercise and relaxation techniques. Plus healthy nutrition. 

How to prevent senility?

Ah, senility - it's like the ultimate party crasher, right? But here's the thing: it's not inevitable! By making some simple lifestyle changes, you can reduce your risk of dementia. How to improve memory? Think of it like a game of "Brain Keep Away" - you gotta keep your brain active and engaged to keep those pesky dementia gremlins at bay! The best scientifically proven ways to address it: improve your chess skills and learn a foreign language. 

Do you lower the risk of dementia if you improve memory?

Absolutely! Improving your memory can help reduce your risk of dementia. It's like exercising a muscle - the more you use it, the stronger it gets! How to boost memory? Try brain games, puzzles, and learning new things to keep your brain sharp. 

What is BDNF and its impact on dementia?

BDNF stands for Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (try saying that three times fast!). It's like a superhero for your brain cells - it helps them grow and thrive. How  do I improve memory? Exercise, meditation, and socializing can all boost BDNF, which can help reduce the risk of dementia [3]. 

Why does high intensity exercise help to lower the risk of dementia?

High-intensity exercise is like a powerful brain cleanser - it gets those endorphins pumping and helps clear out the cobwebs! It also boosts BDNF (remember our superhero friend?) and improves blood flow to the brain. Win-win!

Why is VO2max the best measure of the positive impact of high intensity exercise?

VO2max is like the ultimate fitness test - it measures how efficiently your body uses oxygen. The higher your VO2max, the better your body is at delivering oxygen to your brain (and the rest of your body, of course!). High-intensity exercise can help improve VO2max, which can reduce the risk of dementia.

Top things I should do to prevent dementia? 

  • Manage stress and anxiety (meditation and slow breathing are your friends!)

  • Check your blood pressure twice per day and bring it into the normal range. 

  • Exercise regularly (high-intensity is best, but any exercise is better than none!)

  • Challenge your brain (try puzzles, brain games, or learning something new).

  • Eat a healthy diet (those veggies are calling your name!)

How can I start today to work on dementia prevention? 

Here is where our free app BreathNow comes into the picture. It makes so much easier to do the top 3 things from the list above:

  • Measure your pulse and stress,  perform guided slow breathing and meditations to lower them.

  • Track your blood pressure, identify what causes it to increase or drop, share with your doctor.

  • Perform exercises at different levels and measure their impact with the VO2Max test. 

  • Provides convenient reminders and daily motivation to stick with your custom plan. 

Please give it a try on Apple AppStore or Google Play (Android) and let us know how it helped you to get healthier and lower the risk of dementia. 



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