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Lower blood pressure NOW

Our most popular videos to lower BP in minutes

Lower blood pressure in 2min. Breathing exercises for high blood pressure.  2 min follow along breathing exercise to lower blood pressure . Use this simple technique daily. This is one of the best blood pressure breathing exercises. It also helps to lower anxiety.

Lower blood pressure in 10min. Try this exercise for high blood pressure.  It is  follow along exercise  to  lower blood pressure. Have you heard  about  high blood pressure exercise? This is the one with over  100K views on   YouTube. It shows how to lower blood pressure   immediately. 

This 478 breathing exercise  was developed by Dr. Weil. It is a part of breathing to lower blood pressure. Inhale for 4 seconds, hold for 7 seconds, exhale for 8 seconds. 478 breathing to lower blood pressure helps with high blood pressure control.  This 4-7-8 breathing technique is more advanced than simple breathing exercise with equal cycles for inhale/exhale. 4 7 8 breathing  is complementary to yoga and meditation for high blood pressure. 

How to lower blood pressure immediately? Completing this meditation for high blood pressure regularly will help to lower high blood pressure PERMANENTLY!  This meditation to lower blood pressure  is great  for blood pressure control. Try this lower blood pressure  meditation and let  us know how it worked for you. 

Try acupressure for  high blood pressure  to lower blood pressure quickly at home. This video explains locations of acupressure  points  for high  blood pressure  and how massage  them. Pressure points for high blood  pressure is the same  as massage for high blood pressure. 

If you experience hypertension try yoga for high blood pressure.  Do these 5 yoga exercises: Child pose, Butterfly, Bridge, Spine Twist, Savasana. Very likely  that  yoga for blood  pressure  will  help  you. 

Experts recommendations for anxiety and BP

Patrick McKeown is the founder of the Oxygen Advantage program and he has written a bestselling book of the same name. We discuss Patrick McKeown breathing exercises for high high blood pressure and anxiety, how to prevent developing hypertension and anxiety, the significance of BOLT score to lower blood pressure, how the Oxygen Advantage breathing technique is different from Wim Hof breathing and how the two may complement each other.

Background of Walter Gjergja, Shaolin Temple monk Shi Xing Me.  Walter's view on human capacity: body, mind, spirit.  Why anxiety, depression and high blood pressure are spreading in the Western society.  Simple exercises which help to lower stress, anxiety and high blood pressure.  Breathing to lower blood pressure. Yoga for anxiety. 

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