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Dmitri Konash - Founder of BreathNow

Hi, I am Dmitri Konash,  a computer science PhD, former hi-tech exec, master athlete and health enthusiast. Together with my colleagues from Cardio Calm Ltd, a UK company, we developed the BreathNow method and tools (the app, YouTube channel, Udemy e-courses, support  group on Facebook) to help our users to lower anxiety, heart rate and blood pressure naturally. Without medications. 

We used 3 main principles 


Personal health path experience

I share tips and tools which helped me to recover from anxiety, stress and high blood pressure within a year (no meds). I just  turned  60 and  these tools also help me to have more energy than I had in decades. 

Science based

Out BreathNow method helps to improve 3 closely connected elements: anxiety (stress), blood pressure and biological age. It is based on the latest scientific knowledge about ancient mindfulness techniques: (i.e. slow breathing, meditation)  and latest research in exercise for health. As our users progress through the BreathNow method, they measure progress objectively with well known metrics like blood pressure, HR (Heart Rate), HRV (Heart Rate Variability) and VO2Max. 

Simple zero cost activities

The BreathNow method includes a set of simple and effective techniques and exercises which can be performed at home. 

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