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BreathNow heart rate monitor, stress monitor, cardio fitness test from Cambridge
Breathnow, blood pressure & instant pulse
BreathNow is possibly the best blood pressure app with breathing exercises
BreathNow blood pressure app

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BreathNow is a powerful blood pressure (BP) app. Log arterial pressure and heart rate with blood pressure monitor diary. Breathe, meditate, enjoy relaxation music, do acupressure, yoga and other exercises to lower blood pressure, calm pulse and better sleep. Analyze data stored in blood pressure tracker to see which activities work best for you.  Print out and share BP reports with your health provider. BreathNow includes a heart rate monitor which measures pulse rate with your phone’s camera. External BP monitor is required to take blood pressure readings. 


Breathing exercises for high blood pressure have become a popular way to lower blood pressure quickly at home. Use this simple technique daily and observe reduction of your anxiety and high blood pressure. Sit comfortably, calm down, relax, follow a breathing circle. What can be simpler? Lower blood pressure instantly. Right when you need it most. Breathing exercises for high blood pressure is the key feature of the BreathNow app. 

Scientific research shows that regular use of breathing exercises helps to alleviate high blood pressure and anxiety, enjoy higher energy and improve athletic performance. Use reminders within the app to perform breathing exercises to lower blood pressure daily.  BreathNow includes breathing exercises which are used by Navy SEALs to increase endurance and focus. They are called box breathing exercises. You can also build breathing exercises which work best for you: adjust breathing intervals and enjoy optimum breathe performance. For example 4-7-8 breathing exercises. 

What if you want to progress beyond short term benefits of breathing exercises for high blood pressure? In this case you need to regularly do other exercises for high blood pressure. BreathNow is probably the best breathing app to lower blood pressure because it includes training videos of these supporting workouts:  acupressure for high blood pressure (massaging pressure points for high blood pressure), body exercises to lower blood pressure, meditation to lower blood pressure, yoga for high blood pressure, lower blood pressure music, qigong exercise for high blood pressure, nitric oxide dump workout and walking to lower blood pressure. These exercises take just a few minutes at a time and they are scientifically proven to lower blood pressure when performed regularly. Just use the reminders within the app!


BreathNow app is ideal when it comes to practicing relaxation habits, like breathing to lower blood pressure or having a deep relaxing sleep. Each breathing exercise is accompanied by a scientific explanation of how it works. Reminders for different workouts  help you to transform your knowledge into habits. BreathNow app also provides support for urgent situations like panic attack relief. 


BreathNow measures heart rate and stress with your phone’s camera. Breathe, walk, do acupressure and yoga, exercise, journal to calm, use a heart rate monitor to measure pulse. Observe how your pulse and stress calms down. No additional sensors required. 


​How to lower blood pressure immediately? BreathNow provides a simple and scientifically proven solution: breathing exercises for high blood pressure, meditation to lower blood pressure, acupressure for high blood pressure, exercise for high blood pressure, nitric oxide dump exercise, yoga for high blood pressure, lower blood pressure music, walking exercises, qigong for high blood pressure. Want to feel energised like Wim Hof does? Use BreathNow.


With the help of a free heart rate monitor within BreathNow you can fine tune custom breathing exercises which work best for you: pulse meditation, breathing exercises for sleep, calm anxiety and other breathing exercises. BreathNow securely stores the history of your activities in Apple Health so you could analyse which activities helped you to lower blood pressure. 


BreathNow pulls blood pressure data from Apple Health. Connect your blood pressure monitor to Apple Health app on iPhone via Bluetooth (see blood pressure monitor manual) or alternatively enter the data from the blood pressure monitor into the BreathNow app manually. Manually entered blood pressure data will be securely stored in Apple Health. 


BreatheNow features:

+ Blood pressure monitor diary to log blood pressure data. Analyze, print, share data

+ Breathing exercises for blood pressure, anxiety, better sleep

+ Heart rate monitor which reads pulse through your phone’s camera

+ Video exercises: acupressure, meditation, relaxation music, body exercises, yoga and more

+ Custom breathing intervals: fine tune breathing intervals, i.e. for heart rate meditation

+ Reminders

+ Vibration feedback: perform breathing exercises with your eyes closed

+ Anxiety monitor: measure stress change between two heart rate measurements

+ Relaxing sounds

+ Your data stored securely in Apple Health



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​User feedback


Here is what other users are saying after using these exercises for high blood pressure on our YouTube channel Breathe and Exercise:


  • "I've tried using breathing techniques to lower my blood pressure before but I always lose concentration. This actually helped me breathe properly and uninterrupted."


  • "This was great, I've been looking for "can reduce blood pressure" for a while now, and I think this has helped."


  • "Thanks again... I will be doing your breathing technique daily."

  • "Allow me to verify the effectiveness of this guide that handles high blood pressure. Another treatment I’ve tried are definitely not long-term in retaining my blood pressure levels. This is actually the 1st which really does what it claims."


  • "This literally helped instantly!"


  • "Thank you for sharing! It helps to reduce stress."


  • "Breathe and exercise very useful sir. Very useful indeed."


  • "Mine dropped 30 points right - thank you"


If you feel overly excited or your blood pressure is above the norm try these simple breathing exercises before reaching out for a med

Here is what science has to say on this topic. Meditation and yoga, as well as some other mind-body exercises have one thing in common: particular breathing techniques which include low respiration rate and long exhalations. These breathing techniques are very effective when you need to lower anxiety and high blood pressure. In many cases people who suffer from anxiety also have a high blood pressure condition so breathing exercise to reduce blood pressure usually helps to lower anxiety. This is a great exercise to lower blood pressure. It helps to lower blood pressure instantly.


Slow and deep breathing triggers the body’s natural relaxation response by activating the parasympathetic nervous system, reducing anxiety and heart rate, significantly reducing anxiety and blood pressure. In plain language it means that if we slow our breathing and make longer exhalations this will trigger our central nervous system to reduce anxiety and lower blood pressure.


It has been scientifically proven now that this breathing techniques works (see references below) and one can actually objectively observe their effect, i.e. by measuring blood pressure before and after the exercise

Another great thing about the BreathNow app which makes it different from other similar apps is that it measures how your body responds to a particular breathing exercise by measuring heart rate and change in stress level. Just place your finger on the camera and flashlight at the back of the phone.

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