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Lower anxiety and blood pressure
naturally with BreathNow

Blood pressure tracker app
Udemy: Lower anxiety and high heart rate naturally
Lower anxiety &
heart rate on Udemy
Anxiety symptoms, how to stop a panic attack, how to lower cortisol, how to prevent anxiety disorder
Lower high blood pressure naturally on Udemy
Lower blood pressure naturally on Udemy
What is hypertension, symptoms, risks, tricks to lower BP instantly, breathing & food that lower BP, BP chart, exercises for BP
BreathNow blood pressure app helps to lower anxiety and blood pressure naturally
All tools in one
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BreathNow app

3.5M+ YouTube views, 98% positive feedback, Udemy courses rating 4.8 ⭐, BreathNow app rating 4.7 ⭐

Great for lowering BP

Very glad to have found this app as I set off on a journey to lower my blood pressure.
Definitely works
Within 15 minutes literally dropped my heart rate from 109 to 85, thank you very much

Great app
Includes breathing exercise, provides immediate feedback.  All useful stuff which helps me to relax
Works great

Works great. Pulse was 101 and now 76

This app works

It is the best thing I have had for my hypertension thanks Regards Mr Hare
Our Mission

Our mission is to help lower anxiety and blood pressure naturally, without  medications. Our BreathNow method  is based on the balanced combination of scientifically proven calming techniques, exercises and nutrition adjustments

Dmitri Konash - Founder of BreathNow

Learn about the BreathNow method on our YouTube channel

BreathNow blog with details how  to lower  anxiety and blood pressure naturally

Explore scientific evidence and in-depth analysis of the BreathNow method in our Blog

BreathNow blood  pressure  app helps  users to log and lower blood pressure, pulse & stress naturally. Breathing exercises, meditations and workouts produce both short term and long term effects. The app includes heart rate monitor, stress monitor for Apple Watch, blood pressure tracker and heart health tests. Our app includes the most popular breathing exercises : 478 breathing, box breathing, balance breathing, IMST breathing and more. 

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