BreatheNow breathing exercises app, blood pressure app, heart rate monitor

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BreathNow breathing exercises app, blood pressure app, heart rate monitor

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Meet Dmitri

Hi, I am Dmitri Konash,  a retired hi-tech exec and active athlete. I built this resource based on my own experience of fixing anxiety and high blood pressure  naturally. Without meds. I used three main principles:

Personal health path experience

I share tips and lifestyle changes which helped me to recover from anxiety and high blood pressure within a year (no meds) and tips which help me to have more energy (and win endurances races) in my mid fifties than I had in decades. 


Interviews with health experts

For my podcast I interview health scientists and doctors who are experts in their respective fields. These experts share with my YouTube viewers  their best practical tips on how to  lower anxiety and blood pressure, improve cardio health, have more energy, sleep better, avoid chronic inflammation, slow aging, etc. 


Effective and simple workouts 

I demonstrate a broad set of simple and effective workouts: breathing, body exercises, yoga, meditation, walking, qigong, nitric oxide dump, etc. 

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