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How can you lower blood pressure quickly? Try a mobile app!

3 Best apps to lower blood pressure with no meds

How can you lower blood pressure quickly? Try a mobile app
Mobile apps are scientifically proven to lower blood pressure. Image by Marcus Aurelius from Pexels
Can you reduce blood pressure by 20 units by changing your lifestyle? The study published in October 2021 in The Journal of the American Medical Association has scientifically proven that this IS in fact possible. The study followed over 28000 participants in different hypertension categories. Those with stage 2 high blood pressure (systolic BP ≥140 mm Hg) were able to bring their systolic readings down by 20 units [1].

How did they manage to do it? The participants of the Hello Heart program were provided with a standard blood pressure monitor (Bluetooth enabled) that automatically sent readings directly to the Hello Heart app. The app monitors blood pressure trends and automatically gives users strategies to lower their blood pressure with things like diet and exercise.

The statement from the study author Alexis Beatty, a cardiologist and associate professor at the University of California, San Francisco, says, “This is the first peer-reviewed, published study reporting the long-term experience of a digital health application for blood pressure management.

Two more important things. 1. Most of the study participants retained the benefits of lower blood pressure for the whole duration of the study which lasted 3 years. 2. Those participants who were more engaged with the program achieved better progress and had lower blood pressure readings.

This example provides hard proof for the following three items related to high blood pressure:

  1. One can definitely lower their blood pressure through lifestyle changes

  2. You need an easy way to track blood pressure to stay engaged and motivated

  3. Your blood pressure app should give you clear directions for specific activities

Let’s look now at the three mobile apps which will help you to lower blood pressure with no meds.

1. Hello Heart app,

Hello Heart blood pressure app is currently only available through employer health programs

This is the mobile app used in the research described above. Hello Heart is currently only available through employer health programs in the United States — it’s offered by some companies as part of their health benefits. If you live in the US you may consider checking with your employer if they offer this program. Otherwise you may consider the options below.

In summary. Solid scientifically proven app which helps to lower blood pressure with lifestyle management. As of December 2021 available only through employer health programs in the United States.

2. SmartBP app,

SmartBP is one of the most popular blood pressure apps and it is available on both Apple AppStore and Google Play. SmartBP is a blood pressure management app that allows you to record, track, analyze and share your blood pressure information using your mobile device.

You can enter the data from the blood pressure monitor manually or pull the data from Apple Health or Google Fit if you monitor talks to them via Bluetooth. You can add tags to blood pressure readings and analyse trends and track progress.

The app also allows you to generate reports that can be shared with your doctor or health provider via email or different apps.

In summary: Smart BP is a solid product with good ratings for those who are primarily interested in tracking and analysing their blood pressure and who want to share data with their doctor.

What if you also want to get guidance on how to lower blood pressure with no meds? This brings us to the BreathNow blood pressure app.

3. BreathNow,

BreathNow blood pressure app : log, track, lower blood pressure with no meds , breathing exercises, heart rate monitor

BreathNow has pretty much the same functionality as SmartBP when it comes to logging and tracking blood pressure. The main difference with SmartBP is that BreathNow also provides a library of video exercises which help :

  • A. To calm down and lower blood pressure quickly

  • B. Train cardiovascular system for long term positive effect of lower blood pressure

As you could guess from the app name the key feature of the app is a set of breathing exercises which have been scientifically proven to lower blood pressure. Among others it includes 478 breathing exercise and IMST breathing exercise. Other calming techniques include acupressure, meditation and calming music, including the binaural beats.

Exercises to lower blood pressure include a set of easy aerobic exercises which can be done at home without additional equipment. BreathNow also includes instructional videos for such exercises for high blood pressure as Nitric Oxide Dump.

Finally, BreathNow also works as a heart rate monitor. You can measure your heart rate and changes in stress level using the phone’s camera, no other sensors needed. The Analysis tool in the app shows users which of their activities work best for them to lower blood pressure and lower heart rate.

In summary: BreathNow, the blood pressure app, is a powerful tool which allows users to lower their blood pressure short term and train their cardio system for the long term effect.


There is more and more scientific evidence which proves that high blood pressure can be reduced with non-medication activities. There are several mobile apps on the market which help to lower blood pressure and track progress. Always talk to your doctor or health provider about how to integrate these apps into your overall treatment plan.


1. Assessment of Hypertension Control Among Adults Participating in a Mobile Technology Blood Pressure Self-management Program, The Journal of The American Medical Association,


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