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Updated: May 14, 2023

24x7 best blood pressure monitor

Do you want to lower your blood pressure naturally without medications? If so, learn how a combination of a slick 24x7 blood pressure monitor bracelet and a breathing exercises app may be a good choice for you.

Why may someone need to take multiple daily blood pressure readings?

Multiple daily blood pressure readings help to understand what drives blood pressure increases and what activities help to lower it. Most doctors ask their hypertensive patients to have a paper log or a blood pressure log app. These logs help doctors to better understand the drivers for hypertension.

There are medical devices which can take blood pressure readings 24x7. They include an inflatable cuff, like a regular blood pressure monitor. The challenge with these devices is that they are disruptive by nature as the compressor buzzing when the cuff is inflated may be uncomfortable. Also when the measurements are taken during the night it may disrupt the user's sleep.

Why is Aktiia blood pressure monitor different?

The Aktiia blood pressure monitor is a revolutionary device that allows users to monitor their blood pressure 24x7. It is a small, discreet, medical grade device that attaches to your wrist and measures your blood pressure, producing 10-12 readings daily. Knowing how blood pressure changes throughout the day is essential for those who are trying to lower their blood pressure naturally.

The Aktiia 24x7 blood pressure monitor uses an optical sensor and the small bracelet is discrete, light and totally quiet. A user can see daily readings after they are uploaded to the Aktiia smartphone app.

What is so special about the BreathNow blood pressure app?

The BreathNow app is a powerful yet simple to use app that helps users to lower their blood pressure by teaching them how to lower stress with calming activities. It uses breathing exercises, meditation and other relaxation techniques to help users reduce their stress levels, pulse and lower their blood pressure.

Why does BreathNow include a stress monitor?

It is scientifically proven that stress may lead to high blood pressure. This in turn may lead to heart attack or stroke. The new revision of BreathNow includes a stress monitor which measures a user's Total Life Stress (TLS) and heart rate with a phone’s camera or Apple Watch. No other sensors needed.

BreathNow stress monitor app

Users can see how their stress changes from one day to another and take action with calming activities if the stress rises. Stress monitor also shows clearly how users' stress changes from one measurement to another. This helps to identify breathing or meditation exercises to lower blood pressure which works best for a particular user.

Why do I need a blood pressure tracker app?

Blood pressure tracker helps users to identify events which lead to increase in blood pressure and also activities which help to lower it. A BreathNow app user can print out their blood pressure log or share it with their doctor through email or popular messengers.

BreathNow provides users with personalised plans, so they can be sure that they’re using calming activities which fit their lifestyle and their daily schedules.

Can an iPhone or Apple Watch app measure blood pressure without an external BP monitor?

This is why “Apple Watch blood pressure“ is such a popular search team. However currently (March 2023) none of the blood pressure apps, BreathNow included, can take blood pressure readings WITHOUT an external blood pressure monitor. One cannot measure blood pressure with an Apple Watch either. Once blood pressure readings are entered in the Apple Health app they can be automatically transferred into the BreathNow tracker. Then users can analyse these readings and perform calming breathing to lower blood pressure on their iPhone or Apple Watch.


Here are the reasons why you may want to try the combination of the BreathNow blood pressure app and Aktiia 24x7 blood pressure monitor:

- Easy and non-disruptive way to get blood pressure readings 24x7

- Simple way to see how stress impacts blood pressure

- Scientifically proven natural ways (breathing, meditation) to lower BP & stress

- Insights to lower heart health risk: Afib and low blood oxygen notifications

Aktiia and BreathNow offer an opportunity to readers to purchase the Aktiia 24x7 blood pressure monitor with £20 discount from the regular price (coupon code BreathAktiia23) .


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